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PROJECTS | Photographer looking for women

The project began the very moment the artist prints an advertisement in the newspaper. In this advertisement women are asked to be part of an artistic program. This project and its narrative are developed according to the person responding to the ad. A project about narrative and seduction, about roles, stereotypes and fiction, about the intimate and the public, and, why not, about vanity.

During the development of the project the idea of the jewel emerged; each woman as a jewel, as something precious, a treasure, the image as a precious object. While I was penetrating the image I began to solve the conflict from within each image. The individual work, almost of a complete inmersion in the image, was reflected and going through in a concealed way from one image to another. Women would get trapped in oneĀ“s another aesthetic, which was the idea in the first place: woman as a mask and a mirror.

Working with the images, now turned into object-photographies, I appealed to the form of the oval/circle as a resort to represent beauty. Little by little the oval became a circle, the circle/peep hole of the voyeur. The transfer of this look to the object-protograph itself, showing or hiding parts of the image gives as a result the final transfer of the look to the object itself, which now is the one that looks instead.