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PROJECTS | To destroy

"To destroy" began as a documentation process; the demolition of the factories and housing buildings in Lamiako, one of the oldest basque industrial centers.

In the first part of the year 2010 the eviction of the houses began. The windows and doors were walled up and the demolition began. One night an unexpected event hastened the events: gypsys from the area entered the Delta factory to get metal. They sawed the columns and the factory collapsed. Part of the building feel on the train railway. Two vans got trapped among the iron and the steel, one of them being used as judiciary evidence. The huge hole created by the fall of the building accelerated the demolition of the factory due to the near danger of collapse.

The Delta factory dates from 1890. It fabricated metal tubes and pipes and it was the first one in Spain to work with aluminium. The factory was open until 2004 when it was being managed by the workers in a desperate attempt to save it.

"To destroy" is a "blues", a sad tale told from the implicit beauty of destruction. It was impossible for the narrator/observer to remain objective towards what the camara was recording. The documentation was impregnated with the people and the personal in the same way the external facts affected the narratorĀ“s interior landscape.