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PROJECTS | Remapping Lamiako

“Remapping Lamiako” has a relocating purpose, wich is a reasignment of Lamiako´s district using it´s women as a narrative axis. Through out 2008, this women were portrayed on the streets and in photography studios. First , they were photographed in their own environment recreating themselves and consciously using narrative values . Then, in the studio they were recontextualized and photographed once more from fiction, but in this case without taking into account their social phase.

The objective of this proposal is to use the human context of Lamiako as a working material, this , allowed remapping the territory with the real and imaginary relationships of the people that feature the project and the place they occupy.

Each woman leads to a different physical, psychological and ficticious place, each woman present/ represent the reflection of another woman . The idea is to work from the singularity of each subject into a final objective wich is a global construction, an ensemble of identities that is part of one narrative as well. Investigating about the posibilities between art, document , cartography and fiction.